Women’s History Month – question time

I have a long history of celebrating Women’s History Month. I’m one of the team that got the month up and running in Australia twenty years ago. This year, summer wiped out all my plans to celebrate. Instead of hosting many wonderful posts from fascinating writers (which is my usual celebration), this month I have a simple post. This post.

Here you may ask questions about women in history, about how historiography handles women, about women in fiction (including mine), about anything you want to know that links back to women’s history.

If I can give you an answer, I shall. If I can’t, I’ll try to steer you to where you can find one. If you have a question that would require hours of work by me… I’ll let you know, but I may not be able to give you what you need. These question posts are for quick queries only.

The questions might be trivial or they might be world-shattering. They can be to help you with your work, especially if you’re a writer!

For anyone who has been sent here and have no idea why, the rest of the site contains your detailed answer. The short answer, though, is that I’m an historian and a fiction writer and I analyse narrative. My history is more ethnohistory than political or economic and I know more about the Middle Ages in England and France than I know about most other places and times.

(Please excuse typos – my eyes and arms are both addled.)

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