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The Wizardry of Jewish Women returns!

Today I’m welcoming the new edition of The Wizardry of Jewish Women. With this new edition, I’ve also been welcomed into Book View Café, which is full of some of my favourite authors. This means I’ve had the very real honour of learning how some of the best writers round think about novels, by seeing …

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Blogvisits and related

Over the last little while I and Katrin have visited many places, both separately and together, for The Middle Ages Unlocked. I also visited some other places, for my fiction. All in all, it was a lot of fun, though we ended up writing about as many words as the NaNoWriMo folks write, in the …

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News bits

I did a quick report on the HNSA conference. I’ve pictures from the booklaunch, thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Fitzgerald. In case that’s not enough, Simon Brown (who is an amazing writer – Winter is my personal favourite) has kindly blogged his speech from the event.

On writers and their worldbuilding

This post first appeared on  my LJ blog on 21/7/2008 Worldbuilding for a novel is a funny business. Some worldbuilding is to make sure the plot works. Some of it is to make sure that the characters come from the place they are supposed to come from and go to the place they are supposed …

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