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I know it’s not quite Chanukah yet, but my first Chanukah gift to everyone is an open question time from now until the end of Chanukah. I know a bunch of people are working on novels with background I might be able to help with (or give hints towards useful resources) so I’m starting a …

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Storms and stories

I’ve progressed to a migraine that allows me to read, so I’m catching up on essential reading before the next storm hits. This gives me an excuse to reflect on the sheer number of novels I’ve read this month which have narration (some in first person some in third) by two different characters, alternating, and …

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Tracing progress and telling stories: keeping readers informed

Just over a decade ago I had an intense discussion with the editor of my first novel. We were talking about The Art of Effective Dreaming, which was going to be my second novel before Rita and Ike and Katrina effected the first block of gross interference. The editor’s name was Tamara and she told …

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