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Being here

I’m still catching up with things from March. I have just one or two urgent things to go and they get harder and harder as time passes. It also gets harder to do the straightforward paperwork, because I’ve got this sense of never being quite caught up. There’s one particular article that’s causing me too …

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My life is full of updates. Today you get small ones, just to reassure you that I’m still here. I’ve had an exceptionally challenging time since early April and it will be another few weeks before my life gets back to normal. First news is a review of Langue[dot]doc 1305 by an academic. I know …

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How to avoid me at Conflux

This is not a complete guide, for I don’t know who is on panels with me. And I have illustrative food for my magic workshop, so some people might want to come just to see what I think of as ‘illustrative food.’ Here, then, is the basic guide to avoiding me the weekend after next. …

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The Time of the Ghosts

The edits are done and Satalyte have put up an announcement page for the book. This means that everyone can admire my beautiful new cover. My books are notoriously hard to do covers for, because I keep straying outside genre boundaries and literary norms, but Marieke Ormsby has done a fabulous job reflecting the novel …

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Book launch – The Middle Ages Unlocked


What I’m doing right now (and what I want to do)

I’ve been trying to work out for years why some people fall naturally into tropes and the centre of current genre and think their work is original and others don’t and are certain their work is derivative and why so many people use a bit of this and a bit of that in their writing. …

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Interview with Jason Franks – Tyler Foley

Hi there, My name is Tyler Foley. I am not Gillian Polack. And no, I have not hacked her blog, I have her permission to be here. I swear. I’m currently a Year 12 student studying at Lake Tuggeranong College and have been Gillian’s work experience student for the past week. I’ve been sticking close …

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The Middle Ages Unlocked (by Katrin Kania and myself) is out! This is one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet.