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Structuring a novel

Well, that was unexpected. I’ve got so much stuff for the 17th century novel, and am nearly up to the targeted research. Precise drilling-in on stuff I need. Hopefully that will happen in March. What I’ve been doing during this last however-long is seeking my unifying elements. What kind of story I’m telling, What heart …

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On personal safety and on jam tomorrow

I’m finding it slow but very important to develop my own subjective sense of how women compromised and navigated places and social situations to remain safe. It’s such a big part of women’s lives today (I do not walk through certain carparks at night, I do not travel at night alone at all unless I …

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1 January 2016

I’ve had a very productive and exciting 2015, but also a very difficult year. Today sums up the irony of all those breakthroughs still garnering me not -enough paid work and so forth. You don’t need to know the ‘so forth’ – I’ve been chronicling it all year. And that was my year in summary. …

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