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Blogvisits and related

Over the last little while I and Katrin have visited many places, both separately and together, for The Middle Ages Unlocked. I also visited some other places, for my fiction. All in all, it was a lot of fun, though we ended up writing about as many words as the NaNoWriMo folks write, in the …

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Sometimes life tells us things we need to hear

I have a special guest post tomorrow. Today, I have some thoughts. I was finishing the first of what will be a half dozen sessions sorting the bibliography of my work on writers and history and it got me thinking about a few communications from readers. Every time I have a new novel I get …

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On History in Fiction and me: the current state of play

I’ve done almost all my teaching prep for tomorrow. It was very interesting, because tomorrow’s class is pretty much what I’ve been researching recently but from a writer’s point of view. When I first taught this, I used the same notes for writer’s and researcher’s views, but now I have clearly bifurcated lines. This is …

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News bits

I did a quick report on the HNSA conference. I’ve pictures from the booklaunch, thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Fitzgerald. In case that’s not enough, Simon Brown (who is an amazing writer – Winter is my personal favourite) has kindly blogged his speech from the event.

Farewell Schroedinger’s Gillian

One of my students pointed out last night that people could advance order my next book*. Another called it up on their computer, instantly. We rejoiced muchly, for it was the Beast, and had gone online with a temporary cover. This is how I discovered that Schroedinger’s Gillian is no longer. Finally, finally, I can …

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My fiction in Finnish

I’m taking a break in my regular proceedings to announce that I’m looking very happily (possibly even gloatingly) at Eero Sarkkinen’s Finnish translation of “Someone’s Daughter” (my story from the Next anthology, ed by Simon Petrie and Rob Porteous). Thank you Eero and thank you also to the people who produce Alienisti in the city …

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order of writing/order of publication

I was talking to a friend and realised that my novels aren’t just appearing out of writing order, they’re sometimes appearing over ten years out of writing order. For my own amusement, therefore, the writing order of those first four (including the to-be-released-very-soon one) is: Illuminations The Art of Effective Dreaming Ms Cellophane/Life through Cellophane …

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