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The Beast, The Janna Mysteries and The Janna Chronicles – guest post by Felicity Pulman

I’ve long been fascinated by the Middle Ages and when a character popped into my head: a young woman, daughter of a wortwyf, whose mother dies in mysterious circumstances but who is unable to avenge her mother’s murder because of her own lowly circumstances, the temptation to write a series about Janna’s quest for justice …

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HONEY CAKE for Rosh Hashanah

All measurements are Australian. If this scares you (and it should, if you’re not from Australia or NZ), check here: Now that we have that straight, let me be honest: my family’s cooking method often entails approximation. This means that my process when following recipes goes something like “That looks about right. Let’s see …

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News bits

I did a quick report on the HNSA conference. I’ve pictures from the booklaunch, thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Fitzgerald. In case that’s not enough, Simon Brown (who is an amazing writer – Winter is my personal favourite) has kindly blogged his speech from the event.

LynC- Women’s History Month

Once upon a time there was a child. The fact that she was female is irrelevant to this tale, but you can take is as written that she was. She started writing as soon as she could shape the letters, long before she could spell. Her early achievements included a nice little poem about flying …

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Women’s History Month

It’s March 1 and today is the beginning of a month-long celebration of women. Every year I invite guests to celebrate with me, and this year those guests are all writers and it will get personal. These writers will be sharing stories that are important to them, many close to home. I’m hoping that readers …

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Farewell Schroedinger’s Gillian

One of my students pointed out last night that people could advance order my next book*. Another called it up on their computer, instantly. We rejoiced muchly, for it was the Beast, and had gone online with a temporary cover. This is how I discovered that Schroedinger’s Gillian is no longer. Finally, finally, I can …

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My fiction in Finnish

I’m taking a break in my regular proceedings to announce that I’m looking very happily (possibly even gloatingly) at Eero Sarkkinen’s Finnish translation of “Someone’s Daughter” (my story from the Next anthology, ed by Simon Petrie and Rob Porteous). Thank you Eero and thank you also to the people who produce Alienisti in the city …

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Gillian’s classic telling of the story of Chanukah

Chanukah is almost over, so it’s time for that traditional tale “Even the footnotes of my footnotes have their own footnotes” Once upon a time there was war in the Middle East (a). This is a rare and unusual occurrence. As a result of that rare and unusual occurrence, Israel (1) was overrun by rather …

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Chanukah – second to fifth nights

The trouble with Chanukah so close to everyone else’s silly seasons and with so many work deadlines is that I forget to blog. To make things easier for me, then, I’m going you your presents for the missing nights plus the nights right up to and including my Chanukah At Home. From Sunday ’til the …

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Chanukah – first night

Happy Chanukah! I had a present all planned, but fate intervened. Fate is named “Satalyte”, and Satalyte is the publisher of my new novel. They’ve decided to give a hefty 30% off to anyone who buys direct from their website. No special codes. No secret handshakes. It includes e-books and paper books, but no discount …

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