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BiblioBuffet – final post

A few years ago, I wrote for BiblioBuffet. I loved writing for them. I was paid to be edited by an excellent editor and to write about all my favourite topics. Today, in my search checks, my final article came up. If people still want to read it, then I thought it should go in …

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On self, authenticity, othering, religion and heat

It’s a bit warm right now. It was, despite being warm, six degrees warmer in Melbourne and do-not-ask hot in Adelaide. And this is my excuse for not giving you an exciting post. It’s only an excuse, however. I read some pamphlets and books from the late 17th century and am slowly getting a handle …

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On printed books and manuscripts

For the next few weeks I’m taking time out in between projects. I don’t have quite the fury of deadlines (only two deadlines this weekend, in fact) and things will pick up again around mid-December, so I’m working very hard then reading and seeing friends and pretending I am normal. Harry Hartog (the bookshop) has …

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